Elections 2022-2023

Class Officer Candidates

Kyra N

Senior Class President

Hey, Juniors :) It’s Kyra N, and I would love nothing more than to represent you and our class as Senior Class President as we head into our final year at South Pasadena High School. These past 2 years I have loved working as our class’s secretary, where I have learned exactly how ASB runs smoothly. ASB officers must know how to run events, organize check models/activity proposals, and plan fundraisers- which is what I am here for. By planning homecoming and prom this year with the other class officers I know what that process entails. I have the experience that it takes for the position. Aside from that aspect, I want to be president because I want to make sure that during our senior year all students can see any ideas put into action. Any forms of spirit, events, or activities that you think would be beneficial to our class, I want to work on. I can put these ideas to use as I am an organized, communicative, and efficient person who has grown as a leader. Through these skills I can execute an amazing color day, powerpuff, senior night, and graduation alongside my other class officers. I am so passionate about this program and what I can do for ASB. So don’t worry, your senior year and all of its love and fun will be in good hands if you vote Kyra N for Senior Class President. Thank you <3

Michael M

Senior Class Secretary

Hi! I’m Michael M and I’m running to be your class secretary. When I first moved to South Pas, I never imagined I’d be where I am today. Everything I’ve experienced has shaped who I have become, from a year of AP Lang, being my Boy Scout Troop scribe, and my time on Tiger newspaper, I felt the position suited me perfectly. AP Lang has pushed me as a writer and helped me concentrate under pressure, newspaper has fine-tuned my communication with different people, and being scribe taught me how to take detailed minutes for meetings. During my time here, I’ve been welcomed into a wonderful community and made wonderful friends, an environment I hope I can further as one of your class officers. I want to accomplish this by making class bondings more prevalent and fun and making senior events the best they can be. I hope to close out our final year at SPHS with a bang, making our senior year just as unique as our former three years have been. Remember, vote Michael for senior class secretary!

Daniella L

Senior Class Secretary

Hi Juniors! My name is Daniella L and I am running for your next Senior Class Secretary. I believe that I can bring many unique values and different qualities to this position. I am determined to be communicative and keep everyone informed on any events that are being planned. I have experience with leadership and working with others from participating in ASB, athletics, school clubs, and Girl Scouts. Competing in many different sports, I have learned to motivate, be a team player, and a leader on the field. In Girl Scouts, I have worked on many service projects that allowed me to help and improve issues in our community. Participating in these activities has taught me to plan, execute, and complete projects in a timely manner. I am dependable, accountable, and complete all my duties with high integrity. I am willing to listen to new ideas from others and work diligently to implement these ideas next year. I hope you consider and vote for me as your next Senior Class Secretary!

Rachel L

Senior Class Treasurer

Hey Class of 2023! I am Rachel L, and I want your vote as your next Senior Class Treasurer! As a Business Manager in Copa de Oro, managing money has been the main priority of my position in yearbook. I have contributed greatly to the creative and logistical process of developing fundraisers for the yearbook. Our most prevalent fundraiser, senior advertisements, saw revenue of around $20,000, which is something I contributed heavily to by designing the ads, managing the sales, and ensuring good communication between parents and our team. In addition, working as the treasurer for IETC contributes to the vast amount of experience I’ve had handling money. Specifically, within IETC, I keep track of all fundraisers, accurate records of money, and the circulation of money within the club. All of these specific experiences will help greatly when it comes to responsibilities such as writing and maintaining an accurate record of the funds within the school. Moreover, my inherent characteristics such as: efficiency, responsibility, and determination will allow me to easily take on any task or responsibility given as treasurer of ASB. I wish to be elected as the Senior Class Treasurer to help better our class financially and maintain a level of consistency when it comes to how money is managed around every class activity, association, and facet in the school. Vote Rachel for Treasurer!

Victor C

Senior Class Treasurer

Hi, Juniors! My name is Victor C and I'm running to be your next Senior Class Treasurer! The class treasurer is required to plan the many important events such as sales, fundraisers, and dances that our school hosts every year to make them fun and profitable. This can be achieved by the use of important skills such as budgeting and mathematics, skills that I have acquired both inside and outside of school. This includes filling out the budget for our DI team, where we were only given $200, and being the treasurer of my underwater robotics team where I budgeted thousands of dollars worth of materials in a short amount of time. In addition to experience, I have a solid understanding of math and can quickly calculate important figures in budgets. Some plans I have for office include a successful Ice Breaker Dance to kick off our final year and a Graduation that perfectly sends us off to our future lives after high school. Vote Victor for Treasurer!

Ian J

Senior Class Treasurer

Hi SPHS! My name is Ian J and I’m running to be your next Senior Class Treasurer. Although I have never been part of ASB or have attempted to be, my experience in extracurriculars along with leadership qualifies me to be your next Treasurer. As the captain of the golf team, I have learned how to be a leader and to help my teammates when needed. In addition, going out of state to play tournaments during the school year has forced me to learn how to manage my time between school and golf. Throughout my life, I have always had an interest in money and finance, participating in clubs such as Pennywise. As your next treasurer, I will be responsible and work hard to exceed standards throughout the school year. Additionally, I will do my best to ensure our school financials are stable and budget properly to allow for special school dances and class events.

Finny H

Senior Class Vice President

Hey SPHS! I’m Finny H and I'm running to be your senior class vice president. Despite the fact that I have never held or ran for an ASB position, my experience in extracurricular activities make me a viable candidate. First, two extracurriculars I participate in are playing on our school’s boys varsity basketball and golf teams. Although these two sports greatly vary, they together have been a vital part of my growth as a leader and person. Second, I run my own successful finance club, Pennywise. I started this club to spread basic knowledge of finance and economics. Managing this club has likewise helped me grow as an individual and leader, and has also helped me think creatively – a skill useful in ASB. If elected, other skills I would bring to the table would be hard work, efficiency, and unity. I pledge to honor all voices at SPHS and embody our class’s values. I promise to do all in my power to make our last year as memorable and fun as possible. Vote Finny Ho for vice president.

Jason Y

Senior Class Vice President

You are probably going to read this description of me, thinking I am just like the other candidates. Bragging about their astonishing extracurriculars and amazing skills they have. Not gonna lie, you’re ain't too far off. But over the time I grew up in South Pas as a child and in the past 3 years I have attended SPHS, I have been treated with love and care from our high school. And I would love the opportunity to return it back to you. As a kid who has played multiple sports, I realized a team can never go too far without leadership. Having that someone who can direct you into unknown certainty and guide you to succeed in life. Leaders that will back you up and get you back on your feet when times are rough. My goal as a leader is to help guide people into their own path and lead them to an easier life as a high school students. I truly want to represent and lead our high school as a place for new opportunities for students.

Jayden T

Senior Class Vice President

Hello! My name is Jayden T, I use He/Him pronouns, and I’m running to be your next Senior Class VP! Next year, I want to prioritize giving our class the opportunity to make memories, living our life as seniors to the fullest! At a time when we’ll be applying to colleges and contemplating the future, I want to give our class the activities and time to take a break, breathe, and realize how special this upcoming year will be. Being impacted by Covid-19, our high school experience has been both challenging and unique. I hope, with my position, to bring back some normalcy to our school life and make the year engaging! From planning a unique prom to hosting a large game of senior assassin (or a similar competition), I want to give YOU the opportunity to make memories that, in the future, you can look back on and smile at. My time and positions in extracurriculars such as Y&G, on-school clubs like TASSEL, and Virtual Business have given me the experience necessary to properly, passionately lead our class while keeping an open heart and open mind. As someone who’s been actively present in our community, from participating in spirit days to encouraging classmates to vote in elections, I’ve been consistent in maintaining a positive attitude towards school culture. Reflecting on the past, freshman year me would’ve said: “Go for it, Jayden!”, and I plan to do just that. Remember, Vote for Tran: because he has a plan!

Colin W

Junior Class President

Hi Class of 2024! I am Colin W, running to be your Junior Class President! Throughout my time in the South Pasadena School District, I have been the ASB president three times, including this year as the Sophomore class president. My extensive experience with this position has taught me the skills necessary to not only lead but work with other leaders to accomplish our goals. If my history of presidency isn’t enough, then my leadership positions in and outside of the school are. Along with being an officer of multiple SPHS clubs, I am also part of South Pasadena’s Youth Commission. Besides my long list of leadership qualifications, I hold the traits necessary to be a good president. From my experience, communication, empathy, and accountability are the three most important characteristics of strong leaders. Through years of mastering these traits, I believe I have what it takes to lead our class to a successful junior year. Although you may not know, the Junior class officers are in charge of planning both the Homecoming dance and prom. In order to have successful dances for next year, it is important to have officers with a good foundation on how to plan these dances. Hours spent preparing for the Prom this year and connections with the current junior class officers, who planned both dances this year, have provided that foundation needed for you to have a wonderful time at the dances! So remember, vote Colin Wong for Junior class president!

Iris B

Junior Class President

Hi I'm Iris B and I'm running to be your next Junior Class President! To me, the most important part of this job is being responsive and advocating for what you guys need, whether it's unlocked bathrooms or more approachable mental health resources on campus. I have a wide range of leadership experience in both academic and creative spaces, so I think I can bring something unique to the table. Let's make next year count! Vote Iris for President :)

Yunha (Rachel) B

Junior Class Vice President

Hello, Class of 2024! I’m Yunha (Rachel) B, and I am running to be your Junior Class Vice President. As a former member of the Freshman Activities Board and the current sophomore vice president, I’ve learned to love the school and work for the class of 2024. Working as the sophomore vice president helped me understand what being a vice president is like and taught me that it requires lots of planning, executing, organizing, and leading. I believe the role of vice president is not only about how qualified you are but more about how well you can work with other leaders, which requires a lot of time commitment. I joined the school band in middle school and still am part of it in high school, which requires at least 4 hours of practice on Mondays, Wednesdays, and sometimes Saturdays. However, I do not think that the time that I committed to practice was a waste at all, and I am certain that I will continue to be part of the school band until I graduate, and that is exactly how I feel about being part of the ASB. I have experienced how time-consuming, energy-draining, and sometimes overwhelming it is, but communicating with my class and working with the officers to provide the best activities and fundraisers were so fulfilling and worthwhile that I want to continue working as the class vice president. I promise to work my hardest if I get elected as your Junior Class Vice President.

Rowan S

Junior Class Vice President

Hey Tigers! My name is Rowan S and I am running to be your Junior Vice President. My goal as VP is to create a diverse and inclusive community within our grade where everyone is represented and validated. A fundamental step to building this sense of community relies on a leader's use of empathy, and the ability to understand and then address the problems that their peers face. And as such, I will work relentlessly to listen to your needs and advocate for those changes. My experience in advocacy is shown in my participation in the YMCA youth and government and my leadership position as vice president in the politics club here at our school. Part of my job as vice president means that I will be the class representative of the School Site Council, where staff, parents, and students come together to discuss the needs of the school. This is where I will make my biggest contributions, as I will be able to clearly communicate and address the issues that our student body faces. I will serve with the same passion I use in my extracurriculars. Whether that’s in swimming and water polo, academics, extracurriculars, and my passion for photography, I tackle every task with enthusiasm and imagination. I know that I can use this mindset as your Vice President to create a fun year filled with creative school events which can strengthen our community. All that said, vote Rowan Smith for your vice president!

Olivia A

Junior Class Secretary

Hi everyone! My name is Olivia A, I’m running to be your junior class secretary! I’m very familiar with the position, as I am currently the class secretary and have been for the past three years. The values I’ve found to be most important to ASB and to our student body are patience, internal communication, and the ability to respond to feedback of any kind. If elected as your junior secretary, I plan to take initiatives to communicate further with my peers through an activity committee and attending the student forum. This year has proved to be strenuous mentally and emotionally for students, so I also want to work towards creating a safe, inclusive, comfortable environment for students to learn in. By prioritizing mental health and wellness for my peers, I hope to do well by my class who has given me so much, and to help us grow together as individuals and as a class. Moreover, I want to propose more spirit days for the class of 2024, as well as many more bracelet-making bondings. :) I feel confident that I can bring these values to the table to give the class of 2024 a fantastic junior year, please vote Olivia for secretary. Thank you!

Lauren K

Junior Class Treasurer

Hi everyone! I’m Lauren K and I’m running to be your treasurer for the year 2022-2023. I will represent our class to the best of my ability while also suggesting fun events and activities. School can be stressful and I want to make sure we, as hardworking students, get many fun opportunities throughout the year. I hope these fun memories can take our 24/7 school-focused minds on a little break and become some of the best memories we have in high school. I promise to manage our funds and give us the financial support needed for an awesome junior year. While being in Girl Scouts for the past 11 years, I’ve learned valuable skills needed when working with money and our community. I hope to implement my fundraising ideas for our class and make memories to last a lifetime.

Austin H

Sophomore Class President

Hi South Pas! I’m Austin and I’m running to be your sophomore class president. Being the current freshman class president motivates me to serve as a better student leader at our school and what better way than to run to be your president again next year. Having been in ASB this year and throughout middle school has given me the experience to be a great president and to help lead our class towards a fun school year. I’m full of school spirit and I always tell my friends to participate in spirit days and assemblies. As your sophomore class president, I would bring important values such as integrity, respect, responsibility, etc. while still making sure that our year is fun for everyone. With my skills and experience in leadership I know how to coordinate fun events for everyone to enjoy. Hoping to make next year's school year fun for you all, remember to re-elect Austin for sophomore class president.

Ethan H

Sophomore Class President

Wazzzup. I’m Ethan and I am running to be your Class President next year. I have a lot of ideas to improve the campus which I would implement if I am elected. Another one of my ambitions is to make school events more fun. I feel like the dances and fundraisers are cool and all right now, but they need to be so much more fun, and that’s something I can do, as well as introducing new school events. I am VERY responsible, reliable, and a great team player (i love working with people). I also have a very fun attitude. In conclusion, if I am elected, I will bring FUN to Sphs while staying within the boundaries.

Amishi M

Sophomore Class President

Hey Tigers! My name is Amishi M, and I am running to be your next sophomore class president. I’ve had an amazing time this year as freshman vice president and I’m looking to hold a more involved position within the student body. I’ve been a part of student government for as long as I can remember. Starting from our Marengo class representative elections in the third grade, I’ve worked my way up to my current position as vice president. I've held multiple leadership roles within our ASB, from being elected class vice president in fifth grade to being both co-commissioner of clubs and publicity throughout middle school. I’ve been on the school volleyball team since seventh grade, and I play on a club team outside of school. This has taught me that long hours and determination can get the job done. I am also a TASSEL teacher, a member of SkillsUSA, and the freshman class representative on the School Site Council. These have all taught me teamwork, time management, independence, and how to take the initiative to get things done. This year, I have observed and carried out the president's role before, as is expected of a vice president. I have gained experience outside of my responsibilities and currently help manage the Class of 2025 Instagram account, as well as assist in setting up all class bonding and fundraising events. This, paired with my pre-existing ability to manage my academic workload, qualifies me for the role of sophomore class president.

Zachary L

Sophomore Class President

Hi! I’m Zachary L, and I’m running to be SPHS’s next Sophomore Class President. In my honest opinion I believe that the purpose for candidacy is one of the most important reasons a person should be elected, if not the most. Now the roots of my purpose starts all the way back in Fifth Grade at Monterey Hills Elementary. I won the position of Class President that year and was excited to make many new changes with the school, such as allowing two-hand touch football during recess and providing the bathrooms with stronger air fresheners. Little did I know, the Fifth Grade Class President didn’t actually have power to make any changes. To give you a better idea, I had as much power as the monarchy in Britain does, except they have million dollar houses and I got a $1 Fudgsicle. To be fair I regret nothing, that fudgsicle slapped. Now, four years later I’m in high school with the chance again to be elected as Class President and I am more than excited to finally be able to make a difference in my school. The reason why I want to run is to bring the best out of the school and improve the student experience as much as possible. That’s why I want to be your Sophomore Class President, and if you’re as thrilled as I am to make this next year as memorable as possible remember to vote Zachary Lee for Sophomore Class President.

Mia L

Sophomore Class Vice President

Hi Class of 2025! My name is Mia L and I am running to be your next Class Vice President. I think that I am perfect for this role because I have been in student council and ASB for five years. Throughout the years I have served as student council Secretary, Treasurer, and President during elementary school, and then I served two years in middle school as our Class Representative. These roles have taught me to be a leader, to serve my school and community, to help my fellow students have a voice, and to consistently work hard for the betterment of others. I believe that with my experience, knowledge, and my penchant to have a good time and make school fun, I can help make our school experience more enjoyable and memorable next year and for the years to come. So remember to vote for Mia L for Class of 2025 Vice President. Go Tigers!!

Sophie (Sawyer) D

Sophomore Class Vice President

Hi SPHS! My name is Sophie “Sawyer” D and I'm running to be Sophomore Vice President. I would like to assist in more hands-on work from our students. Having them choose what they want done with their money and how a portion would be given back to the class . Some qualifying factors I have to fulfill this position is that I have 8 years of leadership experience through programs like Girl Scouts of America and BSA. I also have worked with 5+ charity programs over 2021 alone. I want our students to have a stronger voice in what is done in our school so it is not only the elected members of ASB that get to make a difference. Some changes I would like to make is having the students decide what they want to do for class bonding activities and I want to fund more programs for the sophomores to make them more comfortable during school. Remember who’s in your walls and vote Sawyer 4 Vice!!

Natasha R

Sophomore Class Vice President

Hey Class of 2025! I’m Natasha R and I’m running to be your next sophomore class vice president. As your current treasurer, I have taken on the roles of my position and gained an understanding of the other positions and their responsibilities. I have planned fundraisers, held class bondings, and I managed Freshmen Activity Board meetings, dances, and other events, as well as helped fulfill each officer’s roles when necessary. Occupying leadership positions in prominent school organizations such as ASB, Builder’s Club, and SkillsUSA has given me the necessary experience and knowledge to be a successful officer and class vice president. As a TASSEL teacher, I have gained an in-depth understanding of cooperation, communication, and listening skills. I am also responsible and more than capable of maintaining academic standards through the weight and duties of such a position. I have shown my dedication to ASB through the time and effort I have put into the two classes of my schedule devoted to it. After three years in ASB, I believe that I have the necessary skills and experience for the vice president position. If elected, I plan to instate a community service and job board to help students learn of rewarding volunteer, internship, and local employment opportunities. Thanks tigers, and remember to vote Natasha Rey for sophomore class vice president!

Zoe W

Sophomore Class Secretary

Hi, my name is Zoe W and I am running to be your sophomore class secretary next year! I am running because I believe that I can help improve and strengthen our class body. As class secretary, I’d help make our class spirit and events more organized, fun, and exciting. I promise to work hard and advocate for our class. I’d like to improve our class by strengthening social media presence and promotion so that more people are aware of school fundraisers and events that our officers plan. This year I’ve been actively involved with FAB, our freshmen activities board, and I’ve served on planning committees for events outside of school. Some of my strengths are that I’m very organized, good at communicating, and work well with others. I am more than capable of handling the responsibilities and commitment that being in the class office requires. Vote for me, Zoe Wong, and I promise to make sophomore year memorable!

Deva M

Sophomore Class Secretary

Hey, Tigers! I’m Deva M. and I want to be your Sophomore Class Secretary. For as long as I can remember, I've been involved in leadership. At SPMS, in 6th and 7th grade I became a member of ASB, and in 8th grade, I was elected Secretary. I furthered my interest in leadership when I became the freshmen class Secretary. Over the years in student government, I’ve excelled at taking organized meeting minutes, running efficient meetings, and planning and producing special activities, like fundraisers, class bondings, and music in the freshman area. I gained experience creating posters and flyers for many school events, including the well-known Color Day poster. Next year, I would like to take a deeper look into how our ASB can make an even greater impact in the daily lives of our fellow Tigers. I want to hear your feedback on activities, events, and spirit days. I want to listen to your ideas for ensuring your academic success and social well-being. I love using my voice, whether it’s singing in a choir, public speaking, or advocating for change. As we continue to navigate the challenges of this pandemic, we need leaders who will support the SPHS community and help make our sophomore year the best it can be. I’m ready to make this our reality. I know what this job takes because, for the last 4 years I’ve devoted my time, energy, and expertise to serving you and improving our school. Vote for Deva 4 Secretary!

Dylan L

Sophomore Class Secretary

My name is Dylan L, and I am running to be your next sophomore secretary. I’ve had an amazing freshman year, and I’m hoping to make our sophomore year even more memorable. I am on our JV baseball team and being a part of that program has taught me teamwork and determination. I hope to bring these traits to the table if I am elected to ASB. In addition to this, I have previous experience in being a club secretary. I was the secretary for the Lionsheart volunteer club and through the position, I learned that I enjoyed the responsibilities of a secretary. Throughout my Freshman year, I have participated in the many fundraisers and events that our current class officers held. I hope to bring more of these types of events next year in order to help create new and exciting memories for our class. My goal for next year is to make it one of the most fun and unforgettable years of high school. Thank you, and remember to Vote Liu For You!

Gabriel C

Sophomore Class Treasurer

Hello! My name is Gabriel C, and I am running to be your sophomore treasurer. I’m qualified to be your treasurer because I fully participate in the opportunities the school has, such as the cybersecurity club and speech and debate, which have allowed me to build confidence in public speaking and reaching out to my audience. I’m also privileged to be part of SPHS water polo and track, which have helped me get to know a good amount of the student body here at SPHS. But enough about me, I’ll explain what that means for you. The Sophomore class will have an excellent year, but in order to reach that goal, we’ll need to have strong finances. We also deserve to know the state of our funds. As your treasurer, I’ll ensure that every fund we get from school events is counted accurately to the cent through clear financial reports. I’ll also work my hardest to make class fundraisers fun, exciting, and beneficial because everyone should have a chance to participate in building our class. I’ll ensure that our sophomore ASB is running efficiently and that every ASB request is given careful consideration to make this coming year the best it can be. My goals for running as your treasurer are simple, elect me and I will help you.

Helpful Information

Where to Go

Counseling/Career Center

Work permits and Counselors (Academic and ROP)

Attendance Office

Absence excuse notes, tardy sweep admits, off-campus permits

Student Services Office

Lost and found, Community service forms, Senior Privilege Card, Ooter forms

Student Bank

SAC/ID Cards, Financial forms: Check Request, Purchase Order, Deposit Form, Dance tickets, Yearbook and Tiger Guide purchases

SAC Room

Club forms: Activity Proposal, Revenue Potential, Club Minutes, Poster approvals, Voting ballot submissions, Commissioners and Class Officers

ASB Calendar

Leadership Class


Ava P

Commissioner General

Senior Ava (she/her) is so pumped for her second year on ASB. When in class, she presides over business meetings. But, outside of class you can find her in the little theater working on a production, the football field cheering, or running to meet with a club.

Noah K

Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Senior Noah (he/him) is eager to increase student connectivity and engagement in his second year on ASB. When not in a Board meeting or filling out an activity proposal, Noah can be found heading SPHS’ award-winning newspaper, Tiger, or running around South Pasadena blasting Beyoncé.

Isabella A

Commissioner of Correspondence

Senior Isabella (she/her) loves basketball, Red Cross, Period Gen, Healthy Lifestyle Club, and coffee!!!!!!!!!!!

Deanna L

Commissioner of Finance

Senior Deanna (she/her) is excited to be back for senior year! She loves dance, musicals, her dog, and boba (a bit too much…), and her current obsession is udon.:)

Yubin L

Commissioner of Academics

Senior Yubin is eager to recognize academic greatness within SPHS! She loves Korean BBQ and ice-cold bottle water.

Julie F

Commissioner of Activites

Senior Julie is excited to be back on campus this year as the Commissioner of Activities! She approves of all student activities on campus and keeps the master calendar up to date! She loves One Direction, chocolate cake, and watching The Bachelor every Monday night!

Andrew K

Commissioner of Assemblies

Senior Andrew is super excited to be back on campus as the Commissioner of Assemblies. He plays golf and soccer and eats weird amounts of poke.

Skye H

Commissioner of Athletics

Senior Skye (she/her) is the 2021-2022 Commissioner of Athletics for SPHS! She loves being active and outside as much as possible, getting to know new cultures, playing metal songs on the guitar, traveling, eating, and listening to music.

Lulu T

Commissioner of Clubs

Lulu (she/her) is the Commissioner of Clubs this year! She is eager to increase awareness for the wide variety of clubs on campus. She approves all clubs at SPHS and hosts events like Club Rush and Homecoming Picnic. She is also involved in two clubs on campus, the Anti-bias club and the TEDx club. When she is not working with clubs, Lulu is participating in drama productions and playing with her three dogs.

Nikita M

Commissioner of Noontime

Senior Nikita (she/her) is the Commissioner of Noontime for the 2021-2022 school year. She is excited to play some good tunes for the student body this year, and is frequently listening to Arctic Monkeys or Lauryn Hill.

Frances L

Commissioner of Publicity

Senior Frances (she/her) is enthusiastic to be a part of the leadership team this year! She is eager to put her passion for design to use in publicizing school and community events. When she’s not in her bed staring at Photoshop, she enjoys blasting music on night drives, making jewelry, and exploring restaurants in LA!

Ava D

Commissioner of School and Community

Senior Ava (she/her) is excited to serve as the 2021-2022 Commissioner of School and Community. She is looking forward to rebuilding South Pasadena’s strong sense of community after a year of being apart.

Audrey X

Commissioner of Spirit

Audrey (she/her) is thrilled to be on the commission as a junior! She loves to talk to our student body and make new friends! You can find her hanging out at Jones coffee afterschool or in the public library doing her homework.

Senior Officers

Carolina G

Senior President

Carolina (she/her) is the senior class president. She can be found listening to music, most likely Dominic Fike or Panic! at the Disco.

Jaequon S

Senior Vice President

Jaequon (he/him) loves playing basketball and watching copious amounts of youtube videos. Also, sorry Drake fans, but I gotta say Donda over CLB. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kaden H

Senior Secretary

Kaden (he/him) is excited to be a part of ASB this year! He can likely be found either in a pool, eating habit onion rings with unhealthy amounts of ranch, or sleeping. Also, despite what Jaequon says, CLB > Donda :).

Maya T

Senior Treasurer

Maya (she/her) is the senior class treasurer! You can find her using Google Calendar a bit too much while drinking her 5th PSL of the day.

Junior Officers

Samantha L

Junior President

Samantha (they/she) is so glad to be in ASB for a second year! They love going to concerts, drinking coffee, wearing eyeliner, and going out to eat with family and friends.

Joshua O

Junior Vice President

Joshua (he/him) loves playing tennis, playing video games, traveling, and hanging out with friends. He enjoys working with the other officers and can’t wait to make this year a great one! Don’t be shy to say hi to him if you ever see him around. He is also the better twin!

Kyra N

Junior Secretary

Kyra (she/her) is excited to work with her other class officers this year. She loves hanging out with her friends, listening to music, and reading. If you see her around, definitely go talk to her about Taylor Swift.

Matthew O

Junior Treasurer

Matthew (he/him) is excited for his third year as an ASB officer! He likes playing tennis, taekwondo sparring, hanging out with friends, and working with the bankers during 5th period. He is also the better twin!

Sophomore Officers

Colin W

Sophomore President

Colin (he/him) plays basketball and he strongly believes that McDonald's fries are better than In N Out fries (because they are).

Yunha (Rachel) B

Sophomore Vice President

Yunha (Rachel) (she/her) is excited to work together to make the Class of 2024 sophomore year fun! She has a burning passion for watermelon.

Olivia A

Sophomore Secretary

Olivia (she/her) plays basketball, loves going out with friends, and her favorite food is watermelon :)

Krish P

Sophomore Treasurer

Krish (he/him) loves science and plays cricket even though no one knows what it is. :(

Freshmen Officers

Austin H

Freshman President

Austin (he/him) is the class of 2025 freshman president. He loves listening to music, playing soccer, hanging out with friends, and watching TV.

Amishi M

Freshman Vice President

Amishi (she/her) is the current freshman class vice president! She loves playing volleyball, reading, and hanging with her friends :)

Deva W

Freshman Secretary

Deva (she/her) is the freshman class secretary. She loves to bake and cook, watch tv shows, and see all of her friends. If you see her around, stop to say hi! <3

Natasha R

Freshman Treasurer

Natasha (she/her) is the Class of 2025 Treasurer. She enjoys playing tennis, reading, doing art, and having fun with friends!


Levi S


Senior Levi (he/him), ASB's videographer, enjoys writing, filming, and performing in creative content. He enjoys movies, tv shows, live theatre, and sports.

Sadie M

Health and Wellness Officer

Senior Sadie (she/her) is excited to start working with students on campus to improve health and wellness outcomes! Her favorite food is sushi, she loves the Bachelor franchise, and she has three dogs.

Lauren Y

Health and Wellness Officer

Senior Lauren (she/they) is eager to work on improving health and wellness on campus. They love dancing, 90’s superhero cartoons, and eating mint choco ice cream.

Kaya C

Inclusivity, Equity,and Diversity Representative

Senior Kaya (she/they) is ready to represent the student body and make their voices heard. She enjoys playing soccer and loves her overalls.

Mai K

CASC Representative

Senior Mai (she/her) is eager to teach and give leadership resources to ASB, courtesy of CASC. She loves exploring the wilderness through running.

Lilian Z

Web Coordinator

Senior Lilian (she/her) is excited to revamp the ASB website this year. She enjoys running, math, and Fage Total 0% greek yogurt.



Lindsey Hirano: General| Katie Hahman: Internal Affairs| Oliver Lee: Correspondence
Carissa Park: Finance| Kimberly Hsueh: Academics| Jake Careless: Activities
Mattise Rocca: Assemblies| Khalil Murdock: Athletics| Logan Bishop: Clubs
Frank Figueroa: Noontime| Ella Hoadley-Brill: Publicity| Valentino Nguyen: School and Community| Ava Page: Spirit

Class Officers


Macie Lukavsky: President| Jenna Okohira: Vice President| Meagan Chang: Secretary| Glenn Cunanan: Treasurer


Carolina Garavito: President| Mai Koyama: Vice President| Isabella Alfonso: Secretary| Maya Turun: Treasurer


Samantha Lopez: President| Joshua Oh: Vice President| Kyra Nielsen: Secretary| Matthew Ou: Treasurer


Charlotte Dekle: President| Ellie Nakamura: Vice President| Olivia Alfonso: Secretary| Hanna Bae: Treasurer


Eliot Lucy Correll: Videographer| Tonalli Garcia Rodriguez and Noah Kuhn: Health and Wellness Officers| Jeffery Oh: CASC Representative
Michelle Jee: Challenge Success Rep| Andrew Cheung: Peer Mediator Rep| Alex Ha: Web Coordinator



Jewel Nguyen: General| Hanwul Choi: Internal Affairs| Jake Han: Correspondence
Natthew Iwane: Finance| Tianhao Wei: Academics| Tanner Holmes: Activities
Evan Kowal: Assemblies| Tearay Taylor: Athletics| Ian Wang: Clubs
Estella Davis: Noontime| Jasmine Summers: Publicity| Ines Yang: School and Community| Candy Wu: Spirit

Class Officers


Joseph Lee: President| Cole Fox: Vice President| Christian Montoya: Secretary| Tyler Lieu: Treasurer


Lindsey Hirano: President| Oliver Lee: Vice President| Valentino Nguyen: Secretary| Erin Soohoo: Treasurer


Carolina Garavito: President| Mai Koyama: Vice President| Isabella Alfonso: Secretary| Deanna Lau: Treasurer


Lewis Polansky: President| Joshua Ou: Vice President| Yousef Khan: Secretary| Matthew Ou: Treasurer


Tim Chiu: Videographer| Quyen Ballagh and Charis Au: Health and Wellness Officers| Britney Wu: CASC Representative



Lauren Kafkaloff: General| Caleb Waters: Internal Affairs| Kyra Angkasa: Correspondence
Jazzy Serrano: Finance| Grace Kim: Academics| Abbie Lukavsky: Activities
Flannery Clark: Assemblies| Jack Sanders: Athletics| Sage Pierone: Clubs
Nico Salazar: Noontime| Haley Villapudua: Publicity| Akash Rathi: School and Community| Rebecca Wang: Spirit

Class Officers


Henry Barbera: President| Laya Jabalameli: Vice President| Kelly Mirhan: Secretary| Melia Amezquita: Treasurer


Joseph Lee: President| Cole Fox: Vice President| Jewel Nguyen: Secretary| Jenny Yang: Treasurer


Michelle Jee: President| Macie Lukavsky: Vice President| Jenna Okohira: Secretary| Carissa Park: Treasurer


Carolina Garavito: President| Mai Koyama: Vice President| Isabella Alfonso: Secretary| Alex Khan: Treasurer


Jack Campbell: Videographer| Britney Wu: CASC Representative| Shay Ma: Web Coordinator



Nicole Srisutham: General| Jae Jin Lee: Internal Affairs| Caleb Waters: Correspondence
Scott Na: Finance| Kate Ba: Academics| Lauren Sharkey: Activities
Anders Keith: Assemblies| Tiffany Holmes: Athletics| Kenny Ryu: Clubs
Adam Fagenson: Noontime| Christy Yu: Publicity| Ben Elbaum: School and Community| Hannah Lee: Spirit

Class Officers


Young Song: President| Nick Song: Vice President| Jasper Lee: Secretary| Kyle Woo: Treasurer


Abbie Lukavsky: President| Akash Rathi: Vice President| Sage Pierone: Secretary| Jazzy Serrano: Treasurer


Hanwul Choi: President| Matthew Iwane: Vice President| Jewel Nguyen: Secretary| Joseph Lee: Treasurer


Andrew Cheung: President| Michelle Jee: Vice President| Katie Hohman: Secretary| Oliver Lee: Treasurer


Max Cheng: Videographer| Phoebe Kim: Web Coordinator



Sophia Lopez: General| Anthony Chen: Internal Affairs| Vanessa Chai: Correspondence
Janice Park: Finance| Kendrick Shen: Academics| Taylor Holmes: Activities
Charlotte Emerson: Assemblies| Jalynne Li: Athletics| Danielle Lee: Clubs
Brian Kojima: Noontime| Perah Ralin: Publicity| Tei Park: School and Community| Monica Lin: Spirit

Class Officers


Katherine Conte: President| Anissa Santos: Vice President| Robert Decker: Secretary| Sophia Gerodiaz: Treasurer


Brandon Zhu: President| Christy Yu: Vice President| Nicole Srisutham: Secretary| Scott Na: Treasurer


Jessica Lopez: President| Lauren Kafkaloff: Vice President| Caleb Waters: Secretary| Jonathan Zhu: Treasurer


Hanwul Choi: President| Hyun Kim: Vice President| Jewel Nguyen: Secretary| Matthew Iwane: Treasurer


Nick Michael: Videographer| Mani Roshandel: Web Coordinator



Christina Valdivia: General| Kristen Kafkaloff : Internal Affairs| Emmett Jang: Correspondence
Arian Nazarian: Finance| James Song: Academics| Olivia Chu: Activities
Matthew Shultz: Assemblies| Alexis Mora: Athletics| Cameron Waters: Clubs
Ian Geiberger: Noontime| Katerina Levandis: Publicity| Sheridan Nansen: School and Community| Gabby Marquez: Spirit

Class Officers


Amador Lagunas: President| Mi Jin Kim: Vice President| Kauren Richards: Secretary| Jessica Tse: Treasurer


Olivia Nouriani: President| Tei Park: Vice President| Shelby Lee: Secretary| Janice Park: Treasurer


Jae Lin Lee: President| Nick Song: Vice President| Brandon Zhu: Secretary| Lauren Sharkey: Treasurer


Lily Azat: President| Sofie Dreskin: Vice President| Caleb Waters: Secretary| Jonathan Zhu: Treasurer


Jaydon Krooss: Videographer| Emily Gin: Web Coordinator